Mathematical physics seminar

MSGSU Mathematical Physics Seminar organized by Ilmar Gahramanov.

The idea of the seminar is to bring together mathematicians and physicists based in and around Istanbul for discussing recent results at the intersection of theoretical physics (mainly string theory and related subjects), and geometry, topology and number theory.

The talks are expected to include a good introduction to the subject since the bulk of the audience is typically formed by students. Blackboard talks are particularly encouraged.

Some of the seminars are organized as a “What is…” seminar, where speakers explain in one lecture some object or theorem that they think is interesting.

Volunteers for talks, please email ilmar (at)

Fridays, 16:00, Seminar Room, Physics Department MSGSU (


30 March 2018: Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos (Gebze Technical University)

“Lattice Points, Generating Functions and Hilbert Series”: Starting from the enumeration of lattice points in polytopes and the related Ehrhart theory, we will approach to Hilbert series. The connection will be made using a geometric lens on certain algebraic structures.

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