Crash Courses on Theoretical Physics

Crash Courses on Theoretical Physics

AdS/QCD and the Quark Gluon Plasma

Umut Gürsoy

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands


• Lecture I:

• Heavy ion collisions, observables

• Relation to QFT correlators

• Thermalization, hydrodynamics

• Magnetically induced phenomena

• Lecture II:

• AdS/CFT basics

• Top-down and bottom-up models

• The bulk model: vacuum state, particle spectra

• The bulk model: finite T, thermodynamics

• Lecture III:

• The bulk model: flavor sector

• QGP observables

• Conclusion and Outlook

Place: Feza Gursey seminar room, Physics department, Boğaziçi University
Lectures: 17 and 19 July 2018, 14:0016:00
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