Hamiltonian formulations of degenerate Lagrangian theories

Filiz Çağatay Uçgun
Maltepe Üniversitesi, İstanbul
Özet: In this talk, we present the Hamiltonian formulations of the dynamical systems generated by the second-order Pais-Uhlenbeck, Sarıoglu-Tekin and Clement Lagrangians. Pais-Uhlenbeck Lagrangian is non-degenerate in the sense of Ostrogradski whereas Sarıoglu-Tekin and Clement Lagrangians are degenerate. For the degenerate or/and constraint systems, the Legendre transformation is not possible in a straight forward way. For the degenerate systems, one additionally needs to employ, for example, the Dirac-Bergmann algorithm in order to arrive at the Hamiltonian picture. We shall follow several alternative methods while arriving at the Hamiltonian representations of Pais-Uhlenbeck, Sarıoglu-Tekin and Clement dynamics.
Yer: MSGSÜ Bomonti Binası, Fizik Bölümü
Tarih: 21 Mart 2019 Perşembe, 15.00