Exotic Massive 3D Gravity

Exotic Massive 3D Gravity

Mehmet Özkan
Physics Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University

Abstract: The linearized equations of “New Massive Gravity” propagate a parity doublet of massive spin-2 modes in 3D Minkowski spacetime, but a different non-linear extension is made possible by “third-way” consistency. The new equations can be derived from a “Chern-Simons-like” action, as for other 3D massive gravity models, but the new theory is “exotic”: its action is parity odd. This “Exotic Massive Gravity” is the next-to-simplest case in an infinite sequence of third-way consistent 3D massive gravity theories, the simplest being the “Minimal Massive Gravity” alternative to “Topological Massive Gravity”.

Yer : MSGSÜ Bomonti Binası, Fizik Bölümü
Tarih : 24 Mayıs 2018 Perşembe, 15.00

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