Seiberg-Witten equations and invariants of smooth 4-manifolds

Çağrı Karakurt

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, Matematik Bölümü

Özet: Donaldson proved his celebrated diagonalization theorem by studying the solutions Yang-Mills equation. Since then gauge theory has been an extremely important tool for understanding the topology of 4-manifolds. With the advent of Seiberg-Witten equations, which significantly simplified and extended the use of gauge theory, the field of 4-manifolds has experienced a period of phenomenal growth and development. This talk will be on the construction and properties of the smooth 4-manifold invariants which are extracted from the moduli space of solutions of Seiberg-Witten equations.

Yer : MSGSÜ Bomonti Binası, Fizik Bölümü
Tarih : 17 Kasım 2016 Perşembe, 15:00

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