Qubit-Photon Interactions in Waveguides

Qubit-Photon Interactions in Waveguides

Ş. Ekin Kocabaş

Koç University

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Özet: The primary topic of this talk is the scattering of single and multi-photon packets from a qubit embedded in a waveguide. Derivations for the elements of the scattering matrix will be provided via different analysis methods. Transmission and reflection of photon packets will be investigated, second-order statistics of the scattered fields will be presented. When modal dispersion in waveguides is taken into account, it will be possible to talk about polaritonic atom-photon bound states. Modifications to standard scattering theory will be necessary to describe the creation and dissolution of these bound states. Feynman diagram representation of scattering processes will be shown and comparisons to Krylov-subspace based numerical studies will be made to verify the formalism. The results presented provide the framework for calculating multi-photon scattering from a qubit in a dispersive environment, which is very relevant for integrated quantum information processing systems.


Tarih : 10 Aralık 2015 Perşembe, Saat: 15:00
Yer : MSGSÜ Bomonti Yerleşkesi, Fizik Bölümü

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