A case for large extra-dimensions

A case for large extra-dimensions

Aqeel Ahmed

Warsaw University

Abstract : Standard Model (SM) is the most successful theory of elementary particles and their interactions but there are several problems that SM can not solve within its framework including hierarchy problem, dark matter/dark energy, matter–anti-matter asymmetry and so on. The idea of large extra-dimensions can give answer to some of these fundamental problems. I will give a brief introduction to large extra-dimensional models and show that how extra-dimensions can solve some of these problems. I will mainly focus on Randall-Sundrum models and more realistic extensions of such models with smooth branes. In the end, I will comment on the searches at LHC and cosmological implications of warped extra-dimensions.

Yer : MSGSÜ Bomonti Binası, Fizik Bölümü
Tarih : 22 Ağustos 2014 Cuma, 15:00
Ayrıntılı bilgi : msgsufizik.net

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