Workshop on Aspects of Non-Associative and Non-Commutative Geometries in String Theory

msgsu logo blues9 – 15 October 2013
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul

Organising Committee :

Cemsinan Deliduman (MS-FAU Istanbul)
Andrei Mironov (ITEP Moskow)
Alexei Morozov (ITEP Moskow)
Kayhan Ülker  (MS-FAU Istanbul)

This is the second of a series of annual meetings that we organize in order to foster the academic collaboration between Russian and Turkish researchers working on the field. These meetings will focus on recent progress in various areas of theoretical and mathematical physics that are related to the title of the meeting.

The aim of the workshop is to benefit most from the interaction between the scientists. Therefore neither there will be a fixed time schedule nor fixed title for the talks/lectures.

The talks/lectures will be held at the (art) drawing studio of Fine Arts Faculty. (Desen atölyesi – Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi). The open address and the link to the google map can be found here.

Unfortunately there are no funds available for any kind of support.  All participants must organize their accommodation on their own, if needed.

Anybody who works on a related area can apply to participate to the workshop. For application please write to .

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