Critical nature of plastic flow

Critical nature of plastic flow

Oguz Umut Salman

Ecole Polytechnique Paris

Özet/Abstract : Steady plastic flows have been compared to developed turbulence because the two phenomena share the inherent complexity of particle trajectories, the scale free spatial patterns and the power law statistics of fluctuations. The presence of power law distributions has been interpreted as a sign of criticality, marginal stability and scale free behavior of the underlying microscopic systems. In this talk we present a simple mathematical model which is capable of generating power law signals with critical exponents matching observations. Our main conclusion is the existence of a discrete automaton behind the conventional continuum mechanical equations.

Yer : MSGSÜ Bomonti Binası, Fizik Bölümü.
Tarih : 11 Ekim 2012 Perşembe, 15:00

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